Skunkworks Audio are a design and manufacturing business specialising in next generation sound solutions. We commenced research and beta testing in 2018 and were established in 2020. We work hard to build our foundation upon quality, service and innovation. 

We have very quickly become recognised as leaders in sound solutions and continue to develop and inspire the industry and our customers.


Our brand promise is to help you "look pro and prosper"


Based in the UK (West Yorkshire), we embody a humble, creative, and independent philosophy. We are passionate about our products and believe that collaboration and creativity are powerful tools to support our future success and yours.

With over 25 years experience within music, film, engineering, design and procurement environments, we use our collective knowledge to bring cutting edge products to your space. 

Our belief is that 'What makes us different makes us stronger.'

'What makes us stronger makes us better.' Join us!

Workshop tours are available upon booking, please get in touch!

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