The depth or thickness of panels directly correlates with the amount of low-frequency absorption achieved. As thickness increases, the amount of low frequency absorption increases as well

I.e. The thicker the panel, the greater the absorption!

Half the battle when treating small rooms is to obtain a smooth bass response without over-dampening the high-end. A room filled with full range absorption panels will absorb too much of the high frequency content, resulting in a dull and muddy room response. Finding an even balance of low end absorption while maintaining the high-end will yield maximum results.

The Earth Series is ideal for creating an even balance of low end absorption without losing high frequency presence. The unique front facia plate not only gives your panel a stylish appearance but also helps reflect/scatter high frequency content in your room giving proper balance.


The Impression Series not only performs well in critical listening environments (audio rooms or studios) but is a perfect fit for any room in your home. They are also ideal for public places where the room acoustics interfere with your enjoyment. It could be your workplace or a local restaurant where speech intelligibility is compromised or the room has too much reverberation or is too loud.


Whatever the space – living room, an office conference room, restaurant dining room, meeting room, hotel lobby, house of worship, lecture hall, or school cafeteria – balancing room acoustics is vital.


The Earth Series panels are the ideal solution which will create balance and remove reverberance.

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