The sound absorbing/diffusing design demonstrates high sound absorption/deflection and a unique appearance to Skunkworks Audio.


We provide more design choice than any other audio supplier in the world! With various colour options, our panels are designed to fit easily into any interior and make any room warmer.


Each panel can be provided in multiple colours. Please choose from the menu when checking out.


The most popular colours tend to be the 'metallics' such as gold, copper and silver/chrome but of course, the choice is yours!


Combine the unique sound-absorbing properties and ease of installation with exclusive design and you are left with the world leading sound diffusion solution.


This product is intended for correcting room acoustics, eliminating reflected sounds, controlling the reverberation time and equalizing the sound field in the mid and high frequencies.


Each customer will have varied mounting requirements and so panels are not provided with predetermined mounts. However, panels can be mounted using double sided high adhesive tape, foam adhesive spray, basic nailing or tacks and more. For ceiling or angled mounting it is advised to use acrylic glue.


You will enjoy a pleasant, transparent sound, not only in the professional studio room but at home or office - thanks to an unobtrusive, original design and excellent sound-absorbing properties of the fire retardant microporous acoustic foam. The 3D designed surface will partially scatter the sound, dampens medium and high frequencies and provides a quality and clean sound in every room.



Absorption Frequency: Medium/High Frequencies; 150Hz to 10'000Hz

Material: 3mm Birch Plywood and 50mm high quality fire retardant soundstop acoustic foam

Scattering range: 800Hz to 3'000Hz;Dimensions: (850x550x53mm);

INTENDED USE: Sound absorbance, reducing reverberation and resonance of sound waves within a space.

2 x Polka Sound Diffuser Panels