The Skunkworks Audio 'Earth Panel' achieves a perfect mixture of design and engineering.

A 100mm depth panel made of a solid wooden frame with a 100mm thick glass mineral wool slab with integrated 'ECOSE' technology and bound in an open weave acoustic fabric.


The sound absorbing design demonstrates high absorption properties and a unique appearance to Skunkworks Audio. We provide more design choice than any other sound solution supplier in the world! This product is intended for correcting room acoustics, eliminating reflected sounds, controlling the reverberation time and equalizing the sound field in the low, mid and high frequencies.


Each panel is custom fitted with saw-tooth mounting braces so they are ready to hang right out of the box! You will enjoy a pleasant, transparent sound, not only in the professional studio room but at home or office - thanks to an unobtrusive, original design and unrivalled sound-absorbing properties.



Absorption Frequency: Low/Medium/High Frequencies; 70Hz to 16'000Hz

Material: Solid wood construction / ECOSE Glass Mineral Wool Soundstop Internal body with Open Weave Acoustic Fabric

Scattering/Diffusion range: 700Hz to 3'000Hz; Dimensions: (850x500x100mm);


ADDITIONAL VALUE Fire Retardant:Euroclass A1 Thermal Conductivity:0.037 W/mK Thermal Resistance R Value:2.70 m2K/W Certifications Met:BS EN 13162

Artiste Series: Bowie Earth Absorber Wall Panel