Introducing The 'NERO' Series of Next Generation sound diffusion products to the market!
Any well designed studio/cinema will have a healthy mixture of sound diffusion and absorbtion solutions. This Next Generation sound diffusing design demonstrates high sound deflection properties and a unique appearance exclusive to Skunkworks Audio.
We provide more design choice than any other audio solutions manufacturer in the world!
Combining the unique sound-scattering properties and ease of installation (ready to hang) with exclusive design and you are left with the world leading sound diffusion solution.
This product is intended for correcting room acoustics, eliminating reflected sounds, controlling the reverberation time and equalizing the sound field in the mid and high frequencies.
The 7 individually stacked layers with 10mm+ spacers between each layer provide unrivalled sound diffusion and is a truly unique product on the market. You will not find similar elsewhere and this is because Skunkworks Audio are pioneers in the field.
Absorption Frequency: Medium/High Frequencies; 590Hz to 10'000Hz
Material: 3mm Laserply MDF Layers
Scattering range: 500Hz to 8'000Hz;
Dimensions: (425x370x90mm);
INTENDED USE: Sound diffusion

NYX Studio Sound Diffuser Acoustic Panel

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